CRM and ERP Development and Deployment


Bankrebate are a Financial company with the aim of getting you the money your are owed from the Banks and from Payday Loan Companies. They act as the intermediary between you the customer and the Bank and or Loan company and using their team of experts they argue your case on your behalf to get you what your owed.


We started working with Bankrebate when it was just Martin, and as the company grew so did the amount of computer and paper work. We took it as our challenge to minimize the amount of work that staff had to do on each file as well as minimise the amount of paper and paperwork around the office. Try to bring everything together and make the company more organised.


To be honest, here there was only one solution, Our CRM/ERP Software Development. We developed and deployed a fully customised CRM/ERP package to Bankrebate, This system handled all of the automated processes that before would have taken numerous staff hours to complete.

Their system took clients from a Lead being entered by Sales staff, automatically sending out welcome packs and reciving signatures via esign, then when all the details have been checked out, it would then convert the Lead over to a Client where then the admin team can get the ball rolling. The system would assign tasks to Staff ensuring no client was forgotten about, and that all essential jobs are done within a timeley manner.

At the end of this, when the Bank or Loan company had paid out to the client, the system was able to then finish the entire process by taking the final payments and closing the file. taking care of the customers entire cases from start to finsh.


Now years later Bankrebate have 20+ members of staff, They are doing double the amount of throughput that they were previously with the same amount of staff. Their clients are happy as they are always kept informed with updates and never forgotten about, even if it is a scheduled automated email to say, were still on it. Bankrebate now rely heavily on our CRM as it does exactly what it’s supposed to.