Managed IT Services is a collection of specific services that can only be provided by suitably qualified technitians. There’s a lot more to Managed Support Services than simply forwarding a report to a customer every month with meaningless statistical information. Managed Support Services means proactively monitoring a customer’s IT infrastructure and solving any problems before they affect the customer’s IT experience. It means taking a preventative step to stop any faults occurring before they disrupt the customer’s IT experience and affect staff productivity. This means finding out why your IT problems occur and solving them in a way that they will never happen again.

Managed Support Services is all about proactively monitoring a customer’s IT Network and reacting in a timely manner to solve problems before they impact the business environment or user. It’s about going that extra mile and taking preventative measures within the customers IT infrastructure to prevent issues occurring in the first place minimizing user disruption and improving business efficiency.

It’s about getting to the root of all IT problems and solving them in a manner which ensures they will not occur again. Managed Services can only be performed adequately by a company which has fully qualified and highly capable staff who are dedicated to providing a first-class customer service.

We tick those boxes. Our team of IT specialists will provide customers with end-to-end IT fully managed IT support services and solutions, and our service delivery model that sets us apart from other IT managed service providers.


The first major step in delivering a professional Managed Support Service to any business is the on-boarding process and site audit. This entails a comprehensive review of the customer’s IT environment to identify any security risks, vulnerabilities or faults that require urgent attention and correction.

The aim of this is to bring the customer’s environment up to date and to rectify any safety and security issues. It is where all systems are fully patched and configured with our management and monitoring agents, We will also automatically perform multiple software updates over time to minimize disruption to the customer’s IT usage.

This may not seem especially important but this step will greatly reduce the amount of interruption from future updates and changes, leading to improved productivity and an all-round enhanced customer experience.


As part of our Managed Support Services packages from DevDesIT, we monitor multiple areas of the customer’s IT systems, including service threshold levels that check unusual activity across memory, disk storage, CPU usages and temperatures through to, Exchange Mail Queues, Print Queues, and much more.

This allows our team to react swiftly to identify the root cause of any problems and take corrective actions before the customer even knew that there was an issue. This greatly reduces business’ disruption for the customer and can provide massive gains in productivity.

This is what we call Professional Managed Support Services. We are fully dedicated to resolving our customers’ IT problems in the shortest amount of time and our services are based and monitored on an agreed Service Level Agreement. Where we guarantee that we will fix the problem within an a more an acceptable amount of time.


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