What’s at the core of every business, its relationship with its customers.

Maintaining this relationship is key to building customer loyalty. In the past, this meant keeping documentation on customers in filing cabinets to a collection of excel and word documents on your computer. These days, successful businesses rely on CRM systems and applications to complete admin tasks, automate processes, generate reports and streamline the customer through the sales journey.

In short, CRM systems are essential in tracking your customers from start to finish and automating tasks.

The main problem with ready-made CRMs they are ridged and come with pointless features that are overpriced. While they may be able to offer some solution for your business, most of the time what your company needs is an application uniquely tailored to your requirements — and that is a custom CRM solution designed to your business specifications that is able to grow with you.

With a tailored solution you get exactly what you want without any of the unnecessary features and services. Because the CRM application is designed and based on the business workflows your teams are already familiar with, therefore training your team takes a fraction of the time.

Integrated across through multiple departments from leads to sales, from customer service to technical support, your daily operations will run more efficiently with less time dedicated to meaning less tasks.

We run a modular platform which mean you can bolt on new components to the CRM at any time even when your whole company is working in the system, so deployment of new features is quick and easy.

What is a CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a best described as an all in one management portal that companies use to manage Customers, Potential Customers, Quotes, Invoices, Projects and the list goes on. CRMs helps organisations streamline business processes, they help build customer relations and increase sales. It improves on your customer service, and increase profitability and cuts paper usage.

What is an ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is essentially a CRM but more, Whilst a CRM focuses on your customers and streamlining processes with them, an ERP is designed to aimed at your business, and to be a complete replacement for all your companies needs, such as management of Staff rotas, holidays, sickness, internal documentation, company processes and much much more.

What a CRM or ERP can do.

Beyond storing contact information CRMs are good at managing your staff, by using workflows to trigger actions and create tasks, calls, meetings and reminders for your employees, this ensures work doesn’t get forgotten, ideas don’t get left behind, project managers can get the information they need, Human resources can plan staff events. A CRM will allow you to follow a customer from a lead all the way to the final payment. You can organise promotions with its campaign modules and send out email campaigns without having to pay someone else like mail chimp.

What We provide

At DevDesIT we are proficient in a number of different CRM/ERP solutions from SugarCRM/SuiteCRM, to Zoho and Microsoft Dynamics. We also offer our own distribution of CRM/ERP which comes tailored to your own business, all of this allows us to create a complete and bespoke experience to bring you exactly what you need to build that all important relationship.

Hosting options are available for small business’ We can host your CRM for you on our servers a local data center to minimize the space taken in your office, and saves you buying a server and the costs of maintenance and backups.

For Larger business’ we recommend in-house hosting where we can provide the support, setup and installation of the equipment and software to get you up and running. This is best option for larger business’ due to the volume of traffic and data being sent to and retrieved from the server, to ensure that the CRM performs as expected.


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